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This listing is for (1) bird's eye rhyolite palm stone, which is intuitively selected. As these are natural stone, they will vary in appearance and size from those pictured (each is unique).

Each piece is approx. 110-160g; photo in my hand included for scale.

Bird's Eye Rhyolite

A stone of change, progress, & transformation. It encourages you to make things happen, and reach your utmost potential. This stone is great for going within - for clarity & self reflection, to help you attune to your higher self and learn from the wisdom within, the wisdom you already know intuitively.

Rhyolite is an igneous, volcanic extrusive rock, and can be considered a granite. They source this specific Bird's Eye material mine direct from the local area where their lapidary is based in Chihuahua, MX. My supplier told me that it's formed from volcanic ash that precipitated and formed with obsidian crystals 35 million years ago, and it's obsidian that creates the dark circular markings. This is the only place this specific type of Rhyolite is found.

I hand selected these in Tucson from the owner of one of my favorite family-owned lapidaries based in Mexico, they hand carve everything and source this material mine direct from local mines in the area. These are a stunning quality and hand carved by the owner (and patriarch) himself. I love getting to see these folks at gem shows and supporting their artisanal business.

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