A reminder. 
Our official stance.

This is a space for those who acknowledge racism and the system of white supremacy; for those who are on their anti-racist journey.

We support Black lives.
We support Black femmes.
Black Trans Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter.
We support LGBTQIA+ folx.
We support Indigenous communities and collective liberation.
We support Palestinian liberation.
We support LANDBACK.
We support immigrants and undocumented farmworkers.
We support mutual aid and community care.

We believe in science.
We acknowledge the pandemic.
There is no COVID-19 gaslighting here.

This is not a space for science-deniers and anti-maskers.
This is not a space for racist sympathizers and conspiracy theories that put public health and marginalized communities at further risk.

This is not a space for toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing.

To all of the beautiful humans in this community - thank you for being here.