Our mission: connecting people and crystals.

Ma·ven (noun): an expert or connoisseur.

We strive to support you in your crystal journey and empower you with knowledge to be a Mineral Maven.

Our values: Read our official stance in support of our neighbors.

The Mineral Maven is an online, woman-owned, small business that was founded June 2019 in Austin, TX by Kylee Perea. Following relocation in Fall of 2022, the shop is now based in Central Maryland, but the goals of creating community, connecting people with crystals that call to them, and empowering collectors through crystal education remain paramount to the business' core values.

Giving back and investing in our community is a priority at The Mineral Maven. With sustainable giving in mind, starting in 2021 we committed to donating a percentage of sales each month to a designated nonprofit or mutual aid fund. Find out more here.

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A photo of Kylee - the owner. She has blonde hair and fair skin, and is standing in front of a large amethyst geode in the shape of wings outdoors at a gem show.  The owner, Kylee, with blonde hair and fair skin, wearing black leggings, a tee shirt, and a baseball cap. She is standing beside a huge rose quartz display piece outdoors at a gem show.

Pictured: Kylee (founder) at the Tucson Gem Showcase in 2022 with an amethyst display piece (left) and rose quartz display piece (right).