Giving back is a priority and investing in community has always been central to our business model at The Mineral Maven. We believe that the best way to commit to giving long-term is to do so consistently and in a sustainable way.

This month, 100% of proceeds from the items in this collection will be given to the org listed below.
*Except for the soapstone critters - those are 100% of proceeds to Sulala Animal Rescue, the only animal shelter in Gaza*

JULY'S ORG: Operation Olive Branch (@operationolivebranch)
We are supporting Operation Olive Branch for a fourth month to further aid families in Gaza.

A grassroots effort to amplify Palestinian voices, and support families in Gaza. They are a group of volunteers who have compiled a spreadsheet of over 800 families in Gaza who need help (with links to their associated fundraisers), as well as mutual aid orgs and other resources. Our July fundraising will support the Belbisi Family.