Giving back is a priority and investing in our community has been central to our business model at The Mineral Maven, whether that's contributing to non-profits or mutual aid funds. We believe that the best way to commit to giving long-term is to do so in a sustainable way.

With this in mind, in 2021 we've committed to donating a percentage of sales each month to a designated nonprofit or mutual aid fund. The following is shared in the interest of transparency:


    • January 2021 - Austin Mutual Aid (@austinmutualaid)
      These folks work tirelessly to support and empower our unhoused neighbors here in Austin. Their Kick the Cold fundraiser that we contributed to is working to provide cases of water, warm meals, tents/sleeping bags, and hygiene supplies to our unhoused neighbors, and stipends for hard-working volunteers/leaders.
      $700 raised - thank you!
    • February 2021 - Austin Justice Coalition (@austinjusticecoalition)
      "The Austin Justice Coalition (AJC) serves people who are historically and systematically impacted by gentrification, segregation, over policing, a lack of educational and employment opportunities, and other institutional forms of racism in Austin."
      $950 raised - thank you!
    • February 2021 bonus - raised $2110 for Little Petal Alliance (@littlepetalalliance)
      To support their work of transporting our unhoused neighbors to safety during the climate crisis/statewide blackout in Texas, with a feed sale (100% sales donated).
    • March 2021 - De Sol a Sol Collective (@desolasol.colectiva)
      "Autonomous collective providing mutual aid to undocumented indigenous farmworkers in Watsonville, CA."
      $2,000 raised - thank you!
    • March 2021 bonus - raised $300 for Austin Wildlife Rescue!
      To support their work through "baby season" for wildlife, with our Crystal Surprise Eggs that we sold (100% sales donated).
    • April 2021 - Minnesota Healing Justice Network (@mnhealingjustice)
      "Intergenerational community of healers & cultural workers that center black & brown wellness through mutual aid, holistic care, and solidarity work."
      $500 raised - thank you!
    • May 2021 - Little Petal Alliance (@littlepetalalliance)
      To fund their efforts to provide resources and support to our unhoused neighbors in Austin, TX after Austin passed Proposition B in May 2021 to ban public camping, greatly endangering the safety of this marginalized community.
      $850 raised - thank you!
    • May 2021 bonus - raised $470 for MMIP | Who is Missing (@mmiwhoismissing)
      To support their work providing mutual aid to the indigenous community & raising awareness of MMIP.



In early 2020, we donated over $500 to Australian wildlife nonprofits during and directly following the bushfires, and $300 to a local wildlife rescue (Austin Wildlife Rescue).

After the COVID-19 pandemic began, we amped up contributions in every way we could throughout the year and invested over $4,000 in non-profits and mutual aid funds (locally and across the country). These groups include: The Okra Project, Emergency Release Fund, G.L.I.T.S, The Loveland Foundation, TX Civil Rights Projects, Austin Mutual Aid, House of Tulip, The Trevor Project, and mutual aid funds to support farmworkers in California.