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This listing is for (1) Mexican Cantera Opal tumble (which is opal in rhyolite matrix), which will be intuitively selected.

Each piece is approx 5-20g.

Please note: As these are a natural material and each one is unique, the piece you receive may vary slightly from those pictured here. The opal in each piece varies, some are more red/orange (fire opal) and others are more white & pastel. These are all budget-friendly pieces and don't necessarily have any flash (play-of-color).

Cantera (Fire) Opal

It's a stone of luck, abundance, creativity, vitality, passion. Enhances intuition & helps you trust your instincts; can also help with new ventures.

These are cantera (quarry) opals from the Magdalena region in Mexico. The fire color of the opal is caused by iron oxide. They're found in rhyolite quarries where the opal forms in bubbles within the cooled lava. Though cantera opals can be precious (with play-of-color/"flash"), these are mostly common opals with no flash to keep them budget-friendly.

These were sourced at the Franklin Gem Show, from our supplier who does all of their own lapidary work at their warehouse outside of Philadelphia, USA. They source mine direct and prioritize ethical sourcing practices.

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