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This listing is for (1) piece of Chalcopyrite, intuitively selected. As these are natural stone, there is some natural variation in color, appearance and size.

Each piece is approx. 40-85g.

Please note: these specimens have been acid washed to show the rainbow of colors on their natural golden surface coating. Acid washing is a common treatment for raw stones (like most raw calcite specimens).

Chalcopyrite (sometimes called "Peacock Ore")

A stone of happiness and joy, can help you believe in yourself. Chalcopyrite is a stone of abundance that protects against negative energies.

Chalcopyrite is a copper iron sulfide mineral with a natural yellow-gold color, that produces a stunning rainbow oxidized layer when acid washed. Acid washing is a common way to treat raw stones to preserve them better (like with most raw calcite).

These are from my Mexican supplier that sources mine-direct.

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