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This listing is for (1) raw Colombianite (tektite/pseudotektite). As they are natural stone and each one is unique, they may differ from those pictured here. Learn more about this material in the Mineralogy tab below.

Approx. 1.5-5g each.


Like most tektites, Colombianite is known to be a powerful tool for spiritual evolution, and to assist in connection with ancient wisdom. It is said to help break through stagnation, and clear past trauma and energetic blockages. Colombianite is said to be one of the most powerful crystals for past-life recall. It can aid with self reflection and reigniting spiritual passion within.

One theory is that Colombianite is an ancient form of obsidian glass from the Paletará Caldera that closely resembles a tektite (hence the classification of pseudotektite) with irregular outer grooves.

Based on a recent (2017) study I found published in a peer-reviewed journal (and supported by NASA Planetary Science Division, Swedish Research Council, and the Colombian Geological Survey), these are likely tektites from a large, buried impact crater in Cali, Colombia that is dated to the mid-Pliocene.

Since there isn't a definitive classification, I'll continue to refer to these as tektite/pseudotektites.

These are from a US-based wholesaler who prioritizes ethical sourcing.

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