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This listing is for (1) 30g baggie of raw fluorite from the Diana Maria mine. Read more about this daylight-fluorescing fluorite below in the 'mineralogy' tab.

There are multiple bags pictured for reference, but they are sold individually. These are perfect for gridding, planters, adding to candles, and other spell work. As natural stones vary, they may appear slightly different from those pictured.

Please note: The number and hue of these small stones will differ, as these are sold by weight to keep the price consistent. These bags are only 30g to keep them more accessible price-wise, because these are more expensive stones. Please see photos of baggies and the photo of crystals in my hand to see an example of the 30g amount.



Fluorite is excellent for stability, balance, and bringing order out of chaos. These beauties have an incredible calming energy, and they are associated with progress on many levels. Rainbow fluorite can also assist in incorporating structure into daily life. A very supportive stone, Fluorite grounds and integrates spiritual energies.




Diana Maria mine Mineralogy
The green fluorite from this mine forms in a cubic habit and actually fluoresces blue in daylight UV - this is called a “daylight fluorescent” characteristic. They fluoresce bright blue/purple-blue under a UV flashlight, but there is a noticeable blue hue even just with natural sunlight (scroll to the last photo). This is quite noticeable over the green fluorite seen in the first few images (artificial indoor light).


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