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This listing is for (1) oco geode with googly eyes, whichever individual piece you select from the drop down menu. Each piece is a raw geode half with a polished face.

We wanted to offer some budget friendly pocket-sized friends, so behold: these oco geode googly buddies. Each one is approx. 1"-2.25" across. Since they are geode halves, each piece stands up like in the photos.


Please note: This material naturally has surface imperfections, pitting and vugs, it's just the nature of an agate geode. Some also have natural surface erosion (as can be seen in the photos). Sales are final, so please be sure you want that specific piece and are ok with the natural surface of the raw materials before purchasing.

Oco Geodes (Occo, Ocho)

Oco geodes are major grounding, strength, and protection stones. They encourage you to step into your strength and to embrace authenticity. These can be supportive of growth and balance as well.

Oco (Ocho) Geodes are from the Tres Pinheiros (Three Pines) Region of Rio Grade do Sul, Brazil.

They formed approximately 130 million years ago in basalt amygdules. As the basalt weathered away, small geodes filled with quartz crystals, agate, and chalcedony were left behind in the soil. Ocos are mainly found at the 3000ft elevation, and are transported down the steep mountains, then cut and polished in the town of Soledade.

I hand selected these from my supplier at a local gem show, I knew they'd make perfect pocket googly eyed friends.

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