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This listing is for (1) ibis jasper tumble, which will be intuitively selected. They vary greatly in appearance as each is unique, so yours may differ from those pictured.

Each is approx. 12-30g.



Ibis Jasper
The ultimate stress reliever, Ibis Jasper is believed to be a stone of relaxation and contentment. It has a special energy, very nurturing. These beauties alleviate worries and stress, calming the mind.



"Ibis jasper" is the trade name for this newer find of brecciated jasper from Madagascar. Breccia is Italian for "gravel, pieces, fragmented" and refers to stones broken apart and naturally cemented back together by another mineral.

Ibis jasper is fragmented jasper with druzy quartz, chalcedony, or agate veins. The inclusion of veins of druzy quartz make these not only beautiful, but also even more powerful! Quartz amplifies and supercharges the jasper properties.



Ethically sourced from Madagascar. Short supply chain. Bought directly from the lapidary who ensures ethical treatment, safety, and a livable wage for their employees. They source directly from the mines, where they insure ethical treatment of the miners & their families.

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