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This listing is for (1) raw Libyan Desert Glass tektite, the exact piece pictured here.

4g, approx. 2.2cm tall. 



Libyan Desert Glass
19mya, Great Sand Sea, Libya (Sahara Desert).
Libyan Desert Glass is transformational and has powerful manifestation and enhancing energies. It strengthens personal will and revitalizes your best qualities. This is a stone of ascension.



Libyan Desert Glass (LDG) is a tektite that was formed by a meteoric impact approx. 19mya. Specimens are collected from a strewnfield in the Sahara Desert that spans from Great Sand Sea, Libya to the Western Desert of Egypt. According to, "The major component of Libyan Desert Glass is almost pure molten silica glass, Lechatelierite. The glass was discovered by the international scientific community in 1932, but it had been used by the Ancient Egyptians as a gemstone."


These are from my trusted tektite supplier, who sources mine direct and imports these bbs to the US. He's been in the Moldavite & tektite industry for decades.

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