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This listing is for (1) Lunar Meteorite, the exact piece pictured here.

0.34g, approx. 1.1cm x 1cm (at widest point). This is a beautiful specimen with high quality polish on both sides (back side is pictured in my hand) and comes in a clear acrylic case (the one pictured with the meteorite + a lid).

Please see 'Mineralogy' and 'Sourcing' below to learn more.

An especially potent bb to work with during different phases of the lunar cycle, they can enhance the energy of that moon phase (eg. Intention setting, manifestation, visualization during new moon, illumination, cord cutting/letting go during full moon). These bbs are excellent for balance, and for understanding the natural ebb & flow/tide of life. Meteorites in general can be strong tools of transformation, simultaneously overwhelming and grounding sometimes.

Found in Northwest Africa in 2017 (my supplier got it from Morocco), they exhibit white to beige angular class in a medium gray matrix.

As defined by the Meteoritical society: Feldspathic breccia refers to a breccia of primarily feldspathic lithologies.

Lunar meteorites are lunar rocks that were ejected from the Moon by impacts and later fell to the Earth as meteorites.

These formed when meteors hit the lunar surface and dislodged a “splash back” of lunar debris (this is how the moon’s craters are formed!). Sometimes this lunar debris finds its way to earth in the form of lunar meteorites.

Feldspathic breccia that has been officially and unequivocally identified as a lunar meteorite by researchers at the University of Washington. My supplier sends off a sample and they test & verify it, you can find all of the info on The Meteoritical Society website.

This is 1 of 321 approved meteorites classified as lunar. NWA 11428 is the official meteorite name, you can see its entry in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database here. This link has more info about the petrography and geochemistry. 

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