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This listing is for (1) raw Moldavite, the exact piece pictured here.

4.4g, approx. 2.5cm tall. This is regular grade Moldavite.



Often called the 
“Stone of transformation”, some folks who are more sensitive to it's powerful energy say that it can be overwhelming (often called the “Moldavite flush”) - if thats the case, it's recommended you use with a grounding stone. Also a great stone for protection, healing, and clearing/cleansing. This is a powerful energetic tool when you’re ready for rapid change/shifts.



Moldavite is not technically a mineral or crystal at all, but a tektite (from the Greek word tektos = molten; referring to molten glass created from meteoric impact) that is found only in the Bohemian plateau of the Czech Republic. It was created during a meteor impact about 14.7 million years ago. The green color is thought to be due to their iron content.


These are from my trusted Moldavite supplier, who purchases directly from Czech miners and imports these bbs to the US. He's been in the Moldavite industry for decades.

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