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This listing is for (1) 4" circle logo rainbow suncatcher decal, just like the one pictured here.


Please read the following details:

These are 4" diameter circle decals that are the clear suncatcher material on a white backing that you peel away.

The logo text and moon phases are white and the crystal lines are purple.

They are quite easy to remove in my experience, and I have even removed them and re-stuck them somewhere else to get better light.

They are designed to be placed in a window where you get direct sunlight, and they will create rainbows in your space when the sun is shining through directly. Of course - as the sun shifts seasonally, your rainbows may shift too! I have them throughout the house and some of my rainbows disappear for part of the year and return when the sun is back at that angle.


Please note: pictured rainbows are from a few suncatcher decals in my west facing office window - and your rainbows may differ depending on placement!

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