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This listing is for (1) "window" smoky elestial/fenster quartz. As natural stones vary, they may appear slightly different from those pictured. There are two size ranges, you can select whichever you prefer from the drop down menu. These are from Pakistan and some contain petroleum inclusions (pictured with UV light).

3-7g - $12
9-20g - $16



Elestial Smoky Quartz brings powerful spiritual transformation and realization. Elestial Quartz is very high vibration, but the Smoky Quartz brings grounding and anchoring - so you can experience the duality of being grounded while also expanding energy upwards. Elestials are said to be record keepers of ancient times, and allow you to release and heal. The Smoky Quartz brings protection as well. The inclusion of petroleum also assists with balancing your inner energy and innermost strength. It's also empowering and can promote mental clarity and concentration.

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