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This listing is for (1) raw Agni Manitite (tektite/pseudotektite). As they are natural stone and each one is unique, they may differ from those pictured here. 

SMALL: 5-19g
MEDIUM: 20-50g
LARGE: 80-130g

Please see photo with quarter to see all 3 sizes besides each other. 

Agni Manitite

Agni Manitite is super energizing and inspires creativity and drive. Supports building self worth & confidence levels to help you make s*** happen! These are powerful manifestation tools.

AKA "Pearl of Fire"
These are very rare bbs found in only one place in the world - the island of Java, Indonesia (they're actually found underwater). I've seen some sources call it a true tektite and others have called it a pseudo-tektite, so I have included both.

These are from a US-based wholesaler who prioritizes ethical sourcing.

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