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This listing is for (1) Blue Tara Quartz tumble, which will be intuitively selected. As these are natural stone, there is some natural variation in color, appearance and size.

Each is approx. 6-30g; photo in my hand included for scale. 

Blue Tara Quartz

Encourages a deep dive into self healing and clearing blockages. A beautiful energy for shadow work, self reflection, and communication. Wants you to speak up - ask for what you need.

"Blue Tara" is a trade name for a quartz with blue-ish inclusions from Brazil. Darker, almost-black pieces are sometimes called Nightshade quartz.

A lot of info on the internet says it’s “Riebekite and Olenite included quartz”, but some updated test results I’ve seen actually indicate that magnesium and lithium are present in the inclusions, and the fibrous inclusions are in the tourmaline family (which checks out with what I’ve heard from my suppliers).

Through research I learned that it’s not technically an amphibole but it does look similar! And many folks refer to it as such. Technically amphibole is an insosilicate and the fibers found in these are cyclosilicate.

These were hand selected at the Tucson Gem Show, from one of my favorite Brazilian suppliers. They are a family owned business who sources mine direct (and they mine some of the material themselves), and from local communities.

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