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This listing is for (1) "Electric blue" moonstone tumble, which will be intuitively selected. As these are natural stone, they all have varying amounts of flash - but flash is definitely present in each one.

Each is approx. 7-30g



Electric Blue Moonstone
Called “Electric Blue”, Wisconsin Moonstone is a gorgeous material with vibes somewhere between Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone. Moonstone can facilitate alignment, grounding, and centering. Its energies are that of vitality, life force, and exuberant joy - and it calls for you to recognize your intuition and channel that inner knowing.



Anorthoclase feldspar that exhibits a blue "moonstone effect" schiller.

"The moonstone localities are on private land in central Wisconsin, not far from Wausau in Marathon County. The mineral is a type of feldspar known as anorthoclase. This formed as a rock-forming mineral within the Wausau Igneous Complex, a series of plutons intruded between 1.52-1.48 billion years ago. There are at least 4 major intrusive pulses within the complex." (Dr. William S. Cordua, Emeritus professor of Geology, University of Wisconsin – River Falls)

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