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This listing is for (1) "polka dot" gobi desert agate, which will be intuitively selected. As these are natural stone, there is some natural variation in color, appearance and size.

Please read: These are NATURALLY colorful - a lot of gobi desert agate on the market is dyed/color treated, but these are 100% natural. "Polka dot" refers to their patterning, which differs from the "eye" and "caviar" varieties. These are natural and raw, no polishing.

Each is approx. 2-10g with the average piece being 5g; photo in my hand included for approximate scale.

Gobi Desert Agate

Gobi desert agate is said to be a stone of transformation; helping shed what no longer serves you, so you can align with your life’s work - your chosen path. Gobi agate is protective, stabilizing, and cleansing, its gentle energy supporting spiritual clarity. Can be revitalizing and call in creativity.

These are 100% natural formations from the Gobi Desert. Geologists theorize that these stones were the product of submarine volcanic eruption and rapid cooling, experienced seawater erosion, weathered rain and snow, hot summer, and severe cold after the erosion of the geological landscape.

A mixture of agate and chalcedony, it is the result of volcanic activity over 100 million years old. The stones were naturally etched from tumbling across harsh desert sands and due to wind - they’re technically ventifacts. The color range comes from mineral and sand inclusions.

These were each hand selected at the Tucson Gem Show, from our supplier who is based in the US. They travel to the region and source directly from the folks who do the collecting.

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