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This listing is for (1) Malachite egg. You can select from the bulk listed size ranges in the drop down, and your piece will be intuitively selected, or you can select a specific piece from the XL eggs. The 4 XL eggs are individually listed (letters A-D), and you will get that exact piece shown in the photo.

There are 3 bulk listed sizes (intuitively selected):
Bulk 210-250g - $55 each (approx 2.25-2.5" tall)
Bulk 150-200g - $40 each (approx 2-2.25" tall)
Bulk 90-140g - $22 each (approx 1.5-1.75" tall)

There are 4 individually listed XL eggs:
XL Egg A - $144 (425g, approx 3" tall)
XL Egg B - $133 (416g, approx 3" tall)
XL Egg C - $122 (380g, approx 3" tall)
XL Egg D - $105 (333g, approx 2.5" tall)




An important protection stone, it absorbs negative energies and pollutants easily. Malachite is a stone of transformation, it encourages risk-taking and change, and reveals to you what is blocking your spiritual growth.

Believed to protect against the Evil Eye during the Middle Ages, Malachite has been used by ancient peoples (Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc) since as early as 4000BC.

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