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This listing is for (1) obsidian pocket pebble, which will be intuitively selected. As these are natural stone, they will vary in appearance and size from those pictured (each is unique). You will select the type of obsidian you want from the drop-down menu.

The pebbles range approx 1"- 1.5", depending on the piece; photo in my hand included for scale.

OBSIDIAN TYPE: (select from drop-down)
Spiderweb obsidian
Platinum obsidian
Gold sheen obsidian
Silver sheen obsidian
Velvet obsidian
Rainbow obsidian
Mahogany obsidian
Black obsidian*

Important: these are natural & hand carved crystals, so they may vary in appearance and slightly in size from those pictured here. Photo of items in my hand included for approximate scale. The spiderweb obsidian may have naturally pitting and surface imperfections, which is simply the nature of the raw material. All sales are final so please be certain you are ok with the nature of these materials before purchasing.
*The black obsidian has some minor surface blemishes.



These pebbles are each hand-carved in Jalisco, Mexico by my supplier. The beautiful quality raw material is sourced mine-direct from Magdalena, Mexico.




Spiderweb obsidian
*Due to the nature of this stone and its formation, there can be pockets and imperfections.*
Weaving of the threads of fate - clear vision/clarity - connect to your ancestral roots - call on wisdom from your ancestors/guides - creativity - cord cutting - self awareness - duality of light/dark - support when releasing or grieving - road opener - strength.
Energy is more delicate than other obsidians, but that doesn't reduce its strength.
Lava cools so quickly that the stone hardens and little cracks/fractures are created. The veins are then filled by mineral-rich fluids that eventually solidify to form the grey/green spiderweb patterns. Rare material - greenish blue/grey material is from one mine.

Platinum obsidian
Grounding - encourages truth telling - cultivates wisdom - act with integrity - divination - clarity - cooperation/team building - diplomacy - planning - healthy processing of trauma - stay true to yourself.
A more gentle delivery of its messages than other obsidian.
The black and grey bands in this ‘platinum’ obsidian are caused by differing amounts of micro-crystallinity as each layer hardens.

Gold sheen obsidian
Protection - deflects negativity - uncover unique skills and hidden talents - release blockages - spiritual/personal growth - internal work to dismantle the ego - shadow work - reclaim personal power - bright energy.
Gold sheen is created by small inclusions of gas bubbles within the glass.

Silver sheen obsidian
High vibe - calming energy - self reflection - shadow work - strength - wisdom - rise to the challenge - grounding - protection - difficult conversations - compassion.
Silver sheen is created by small inclusions of water vapor bubbles within the glass.

Velvet obsidian
Stimulates intuition - psychic awareness - facilitate communication with higher beings - astral travel - protection.
AKA peacock obsidian - swirls of color as opposed to the layers/rings of rainbow obsidian.

Rainbow obsidian
Hope - illumination - grounding - absorbs negativity - cord cutting - release ties to the past - grief support.
Rainbow Obsidian's colored layers are caused by refraction of microscopic magnetite nanoparticles that were captured in the layers when the lava rapidly cooled during formation.

Mahogany obsidian
Protection - decision making - grounding energy - strength - growth - creativity - passion - personal growth - make it happen - release limitations.
Obsidian with inclusions of hematite or magnetite.

Black obsidian
Protection - shields against negativity - draws out mental stress/tension - grounding - feel secure in your environment.
Obsidian is a volcanic glass.


The Mineral Maven LLC are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Healing crystals should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.