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This listing is for (1) pocket coco Pyrite cluster from Peru, which will be intuitively selected. As these are natural stones, they may differ in appearance from those pictured.

Each is approx. 30-55g



Pyrite invites abundance, prosperity, success and wealth. It also increases motivation and personal power, and is great for when you need encouragement or uplifting.


The term "coco" refers to clusters with a larger crystal size (over 1.5cm). Clusters with crystals of this size and quality are more rare. These are pyritohedron clusters (pyritohedrom = dodecahedral pyrite crystals), which are prized in quality specimens.



These are from my supplier in Peru - they are ethically sourced and I have supply chain transparency. My supplier is the only legal/authorized seller of pyrite from Huanzala mine in the Huallanca District, Áncash, Peru.

The Mineral Maven LLC are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Healing crystals should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.