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This listing is for (1) 2.8" x 2" die-cut holographic sticker of the googly eyed "potato jasper" (photograph & sticker designed by me!).

Please note this listing is not for a "potato jasper" stone - just a sticker!


Potato Jasper

Potato Jasper is a fictitious type of jasper that was devised as a massive (and slightly unhinged) inside joke during one of my live sales in 2020. This is still an ongoing and wonderful inside joke within the Crystal Club group so I had to make potato jasper stickers a reality. If googly eye potato jasper isn't a 2022 vibe, idk what is.

I photographed my personal potato jasper (a potato shaped rock I found behind my house with googly eyes) and had it made into the cutest sticker in the world.

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