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This listing is for (1) raw pink opal, which will be intuitively selected. As these are natural stone, they may differ in size and appearance from those pictured.

Each is approx. 10-40g; photo in my hand included for scale.

Pink Opal

A powerful crystal for emotional healing and balance, this stone can fill your aura with tranquility and peaceful energy. Pink Opal is said to fill your heart with compassion and is a powerful heart opening stone. This stone encourages self reflection, pushing us to look within and strengthen our connection to inner self. Pink Opal has been referred to as a “stone of spiritual awakening”, because it has powerful, but calming and tranquil vibrations. 

Pink opal is a type of common opal, meaning it doesn't have play-of-color ("flash") like precious opal. It's known for its baby pink opaque coloring. Opal is a mineraloid composed of hydrated silica.

These are from a trusted Peruvian supplier who insures that all workers from mine to lapidary are treated ethically (good pay, safety measures, etc). They are incredibly transparent about their practices and champion more ethical measures across the industry. 

The Mineral Maven LLC are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Healing crystals should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.