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This listing is for (1) raw Pyrite cube. These are naturally formed and may have minor imperfections as they are not cut or polished, and they may differ from those pictured here.

Each cube is approx 1-1.5cm in size.




Pyrite invites abundance, prosperity, success and wealth. It also increases motivation and personal power, and is great for when you need encouragement or uplifting.



These are naturally forming Pyrite cubes from Navajún, Spain. Pyrite can form in nearly perfect cuboidal crystals that look almost artificial or carved/polished at first glance (but they are totally raw & natural).
"Navajún, Spain is an area where the conditions for forming pyrite have been perfect for millions of years. Navajun is located within the Cameros Basin, on the eastern side. In this basin, a perfect mixture of aquifers settles above rocks which are subject to low-grade hydrothermal metamorphism. In simpler terms, there is just the right amount of pressure, minerals, and water to produce massive pyrite crystals." (naturalhistorycuriosities.com)


I sourced these at the Denver Gem Show, direct from the company that mines them in Spain.

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