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This listing is for (1) rutilated quartz mini heart, which will be intuitively selected. As these are natural stone, there is some natural variation in color, appearance and size.

Please note: Most of these are smoky rutilated quartz, and they contain natural pitting due to the nature of included quartz. These aren't damage, but naturally formed "chips".

Each is approx. 1-1.5" tall; photo in my hand included for scale.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is powerful for setting intentions and manifesting; strengthens your boundaries, willpower and motivation; and provides insight and inspiration. It also creates energy flow and assists with mental focus - attracts love & stabilizes relationships. These gorgeous Golden Rutiles are sometimes called “The Hairs of Venus”.

Rutilated quartz forms during hydrothermal processes, where hot, mineral-rich fluids flow through cracks and fissures in rocks and can deposit silica and other minerals (like rutile). As the fluid cools, crystals of quartz and rutile intergrow within the cavities.

Rutile is titanium dioxide, and depending on the concentration and specific thermodynamic conditions, determines whether the rutile is intergrown or separate. Super fine, need-like rutile inclusions are an example of intergrown where the rutile needles form incorporated into the growing quartz lattice (e.g. Venus hair).

These were hand selected at the Tucson Gem Show, from one of my favorite Brazilian suppliers. They are a family owned business who sources mine direct (and they mine some of the material themselves), and from local communities.

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