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This listing is for (1) polished serpentine large frog, intuitively selected based on the style you select (style A or style B).  As these are natural stone, they may vary from those pictured here.

Style A is approx. 145-170g, 2.5" in length. 
Style B is approx. 115-140g, 2.5" in length.


Serpentine is excellent for mental clarity and focus, it's a powerful grounding energy and connection with Earth. Pyrite is protective and attracts prosperity and abundance. These two together create a powerful combo that supports emotional wellness and Earth connection.

Serpentinite is a metamorphic rock composed of serpentine group minerals, which are different shades of green. The name derives from the similarity in texture to the skin of a snake. Peruvian serpentinite also contains pyrite inclusions.

This material is from my Peruvian supplier. They source mine direct and help their lapidary artisans get set up with the right equipment to provide for themselves and their families. I hand selected these at the NC gem show.

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